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Another girl.

I’m not sure if I have ever told any of you, but when I was very young, my birth father left my mother and I, for another woman. He cut off all contact with me, including phone calls and visits. He remarried and had another child, and I was told that he told my sisters to not be in contact with me either. But yesterday, after ten years of not hearing a word from my father, I called him. This was a possibility I created that before the Landmark Forum, I never even dreamed of. And, today I heard back from him, Norman, my father. He said that he was glad I called and that he wanted to catch up. All these years I had been believing that I was unlovable and unwanted, and I blamed my father for ‘making’ my life so horrible. But I have finally realised that it was me who made my life this way, and I have been able to free myself from this. My life is what I shape it to be.

  • 9 December 2012
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